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The weather is great today! I had a bunch of trick or treaters last night. The costumes were fantastic. Halloween is so different now than when I grew up. We went trick and treating alone starting at a young age. Now it is a family affair. With few exceptions, all of the children who came to my house were accompanied by parents. So times have changed. It is so exciting to see both mothers and fathers parenting today. When my children were small, parenting was a woman’s affair. Now dads are more involved and that is a fantastic trend.

As most of you know I used to sell Gift Baskets here but because of other activities in my life right now I have put that business on hold. In the meantime you can order gift baskets at If you tell them I sent you by entering AMYS when you checkout they will give you $5.00 Off your order.


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» Kari said: { Feb 23, 2009 - 10:02:32 }

Hi Amy,
Were you ever featured in Victoria Magazine?

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