Now is the time to remember those Easter Baskets

Hey Grandparents!

Be sure to remember that Easter Falls Early this year. Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008 falls a full two earlier than it did last year. Just think how much fun it will be shopping for those new Easter dresses and suits for the little boys. We always shopped for new outfits for Easter when I was growing up. My mom often made my dress. It was something I looked forward to and I think it gave me a sense of fashion and also made it fun to dress up for special occasions. I really loved picking out fabric and patterns for my dress. Then I also always got new shoes and a matching purse and gloves. We even wore Easter hats.

So what are you going to do for Easter this year? Do you have a warm vacation planned to a sunny destination or are you planning a last minute ski trip to a ski resort. Since I live in a snowy climate, I like the first idea best! I used to live in Texas so we usually either drove to Chorpus Christi Beach to start the season or flew to Vail for a winter vacation. What ever you do be sure to remember to order your Easter Gifts early this year. Check out my Easter Gift Ideas page for more ideas.


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