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Last Minutes Gifts Now Available
Are you forgetful? Does your busy life keep you on a treadmill? If you are like me you may find yourself panicking over a birthday or other occasion you have totally spaced. Shortly after I got to work this morning I realized that I had forgotten to send my best friend a birthday gift. Now this friend ALWAYS sends me a great birthday gift each year. When my heart started beating again, I began trying to figure out my options for finding a last minute gift. My friend lives in Colorado while I live in California so this was not just a matter of running out to pick up a gift and then making a mad dash to get it gift wrapped for a quick get together after work. I had to get a gift delivered in a totally different state. So what are the options?

  • Send an online gift card
  • Send a subscription
  • Order a hand delivered wine basket
  • Send balloons and teddy bear
  • Have a fruit basked delivered
  • Send flowers

Actually the list the options for last minute gifts to be delivered on the same day is extensive. And there are high quality affordable choices available. With the advent of online retailers and same day delivery networks, getting a delivered today is no longer an ordeal. As I looked further I discovered that as long as I ordered my gift before 2:00 p.m. in the recipient’s time zone my gift would still be delivered today. So now what should select? I debated between the following gifts:

Premier Wine and Gourmet Gift
This deluxe wine gift includes three high quality wines and fine gourmet foods including items such as cheese, crackers, nuts, smoked seafood, imported delicacies, truffles, dips, cookies, fine teas, coffee, and more.

Champagne Gourmet Fruit Basket
This combination gourmet, fruit and wine baskets includes and name brand bottle of champagne, fresh fruit and outstanding gourmet treats.

I finally decided to send the Champagne Gourmet and Fruit Basket with balloons and teddy tied to the basket. Then I wrote a short comedic poem for a gift note and placed my order online. Within less than 10 minutes after I first started to panic over the forgotten birthday, I had not only solved the problem, I had placed the order and I received an order confirmation by email. And a few minutes later I got an email stating that my gift was scheduled for delivery later in the day. Now that my birthday gift problem was solved, it was time to start working for the day.

Around 4:30 I got a call from my girl friend who was more than thrilled with her gift. She could not stop bragging about how great the basket looked and how much she loved the gourmet treats, fruit and champagne. (She did always enjoy eating forbidden foods.) The balloons made everything stand out even more. Her office mates were jealous but also wanted to know where to order great gifts such her champagne basket. Her boss even wanted to send similar gifts to some new clients. So of course I sent the URL link for The next time you wait until the last minute to send a gift, try the last minute gift selection at Here some other last minute gift ideas.



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