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Fathers Day Gift Ideas for the Dad Who Has Everything
My kids try to make Father’s Day special by taking care of some tasks that normally fall on their dad. I can tell when this date is approaching and that their minds are beginning to turn. My sons begin to ask me obvious questions, like what do I think their dad might like to do for Father’s Day. The real truth is that I know that he would love to spend the entire day in front of the TV drinking beer with his friends and watching sports of some kind but that wouldn’t be too much fun for the kids. So in some ways Father’s Day is still about kids. We will start the day with a great breakfast and spend the day with our children and his family.

Finding the Right Father’s Day Gift
I know how difficult it can be for my kids to buy for their dad. It is still difficult for me to find just the right Father’s Day Gifts for my own father every year. I used to get my dad shaving cream, a bottle of men’s cologne, a few sticks of his favorite beef jerky and maybe a couple of candy bars. I would throw it all together in a shoe box, wrap it up with Xmas paper from the attic and then make him a Father’s Day card. Interesting that I later opened a gift basket company to put myself through college. He still has some of the cards. Anyway as I grew older, my budget grew a little bigger too. Today, my father jokingly drops me hints for a newer car or vacation cruise. Don’t hold your breath, Dad. I still have student loans to pay.

Kids Want to Make Father’s Special
Admittedly, it is not that easy to buy gifts for most dads. Dads should be grateful for the mothers who help their children come up with great Father’s Day Gift ideas. One year on Father’s Day, the boys chipped in and purchased their dad a gift card to a nice restaurant downtown. Coincidentally, the restaurant was also one of my favorites so this was a win-win from my point of view. We had a great dinner together while my mother in law took care of the kids. I am sure my husband still thinks that gift card was my idea. I think my mother-in-law may have been the catalyst for that gift. She had a happy son and daughter in law while she also got time with her grand children whom she adores.

Father’s Day Gift Baskets that Fill the Bill
Last year, someone in my family put on a thinking cap and got creative. They sent their Dad a great Fathers Day Gift Basket. Their dad still says it was his favorite gift of all times. I looked around and found the same gift online. It is called Handyman’s Snack Gift Box. It is an all purpose tote box filled with lots of guy type snacks.

Order Father’s Gift Baskets Now for Delivery Immediately before Father’s Day
With Father’s Day being June 15th, I decided to get a jump on things and shop online. This year, I decided to go the “Father’s Day Gift Basket” route for my own father. I wanted to shop early to make sure there was enough time to select the least expensive delivery options. If you select ground shipping it can be very low even for something like a gift basket. Most sites such as Arttowngifts.com will allow you to place your order now for delivery immediately before Father’s Day. I also didn’t want to take a chance that if I found something I really liked for dad that it would be out of stock.

Use Dad’s Hobbies and Interest to Narrow the Search
The more I think about it I have to say that a Father’s Day Gift Basket is a great idea! You do not have to struggle to come up with ideas. Just consider your dad’s interests and hobbies. This will narrow the gift basket selection down to a theme. I found a wide selection of different Fishermen Gift Baskets. I also discovered a ton of Golfer’s Gift Baskets to drool over. My Dad is not big on golf, but I know a lot of dads are. I also found some nice Sports Gift Baskets and even some Camper Gift Baskets.

There is a lot to be said about Father’s Day gifts in a basket. I told my sister and brother about the gift basket idea. Father’s Day gifts can be hard to find when some dad’s are not easy to buy for. I have a feeling that dad might end up with at least a couple of Father’s Day gifts in the shape of a basket this year. The are looking into a Wine Gift Basket.

Personalized Gifts Make Great Father’s Day Gifts
My boys have asked for help to pick out something for their dad. While shopping, I also discovered that I could add a more personalized touch to many gifts. So I am looking into Personalized Father’s Day Gifts such as all in one tools, golf gifts, cufflinks, pocket watches, money clips and many more items that could become distinctly unique. The boys decided to order a personalized money clip for their dad. They are also giving him a collection of coupons they are making giving him days off from some of his chores … the ones they can do for him (at least with a little help from good old mom.)

One of the neatest Father’s Day theme baskets I ran into was the Motorcycle Riders Gift Basket. This basket included a six pack ice chest, a 16 inch motorcycle bear, wearing a leather outfit with goggles, two ceramic motorcycle picture frames and gourmet foods and sweet treats. I decided to get this for my husband to augment the boys’ gift. Then they hide their chore coupons in the basket for a special surprise. They will get a kick out of watching their dad search and find the coupons.

Since I am the family shopper, my husband asked me to find something for his dad for Father’s Day. I went with the Sportsmen’s Gift Set. This is a killer package that includes a personalized pen knife, compass set and a flashlight. These products are very sturdy and have a nice stainless steel, brushed finish that sets them off, giving them a nice elegance I know his dad will like. So there you have it our Father’s Day Gift Shopping List! Hope we have given you a few good ideas.

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