Boss Day Gifts

National Boss Appreciation Day is October 16
Remember that National Boss Appreciation Day is fast approaching. It is time to shop for a Boss Day Gift. Make it affordable – suggest that your department buy the boss one nice gift as a group. Everyone wins this way because you do not need to be concerned about the appearance of giving your supervisor a gift and as a group you can afford to give him or her a very nice gift.

Gourmet Gift Baskets Make the Ideal Boss’s Day Gift
Now that you have agreed to pool your money, what are unique boss’s day gift ideas? Of course my suggestion is a high end gourmet gift basket. If your boss is a chocolate lover there are lots of chocolate gift baskets that are sure to please. So is your boss a coffee connoisseur? Consider a coffee gift basket loaded with a variety of gourmet coffees.

Hobbies Gift Baskets Show Them You Listen
Does your boss obsess about golf. Consider sending him or her a golf gift basket which actually uses a golf ball caddy and golfers towel to hold golf themed gourmet treats. Do they have a favorite hobby? There are lots of hobby themes to choose from where gift baskets are concerned. There are sports gift baskets for fishing, football, tail gating, hunting and camping. There are hobby baskets for readers, cookers, movie watcher and many more. There are even poker gift baskets and dart board gift baskets.

As you can see there are numerous ideas for gift baskets to send to your boss for Bosses Day. And if by chance you wait to the last minute there are also same day delivery last minute gift ideas. What ever you do even if it is just a greeting card or your heart felt thanks, be sure to let him or her know that you do appreciate their efforts.



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