Thanksgiving Gifts

Gold Roses for the Table and Thanksgiving Baskets for the Trip
Every year I like to send a Thanksgiving Gift to the side of the family we miss. For example last year we visited my parents so I sent my in-laws Thanksgiving Flowers for their Table. This year we are visiting my in laws so I have searched for something to send my mom and dad.

Gold Roses in Lieu of Flowers
So instead of sending my family a fresh or a dried flower arrangement for the table I am sending my mom an arrangement of gold roses. For a Thanksgiving theme I have chosen to send three gold roses. I debated about sending orange and gold trimmed roses but decided my mom would prefer the solid gold dipped rose version. What I like about this gift is that they take real roses and actually dip them in gold over and over again until the rose is actually preserved. So now my mom can use the roses as a permanent decoration or for holidays in the future. I have a problem with fresh flowers. I love them but they just do not last so I always feel like I am wasting money. This year my brother’s family is staying with mom and dad for an entire week so it will be nice that this gold flower arrangement will last for this holiday and many more to come.

Thanksgiving Gift Baskets Add Pleasure to the Long Drive Home
My brother and his wife have a long drive so I am sending them a Holiday Gift Basket for the ride. My favorite Gift Basket site, offers a nice collection of Thanksgiving Theme Gift Baskets. I selected the Autumn Harvest Savory Gift Tray for my brother’s trip. It comes in this nice reusable wicker tray I know his wife will enjoy. My brother will enjoy nibbling on the contents while he drives.

Gourmet Desserts Ordered and Shipped Online
Finally my mom will be so stressed out that I wanted to lighten her load just a bit so I have ordered the desserts for Thanksgiving Day from a selection of Specialty Desserts sold online. I selected the Pumpkin Gingerbread Cake and the Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake. These desserts seem a little expensive when you add the shipping cost but they are shipped in freezer packs and trust me they are to die for they are so very good. I have favorites that I order when I entertain. Everyone asks me for the name of the local bakery and they are shocked when they learn that I actually order them online.



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