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It might seem like Easter 2009 is a long way away, but it will creep up on you faster than you may think. Easter Sunday, April 12th will be here before you know it! If you want to be sure you’re getting the right Easter Gifts for your friends and family, it’s time to start thinking about those Easter Baskets. Here are some reasons why ordering your Spring gifts soon is extremely important.

Many people put their Easter gift orders off until the last minute, only to discover on Good Friday that they need to have an Easter Gift Basket delivered right away. That’s a bad idea for the following reasons:

• It is often too late to make arrangements for hand delivered gifts such as flowers, Best Easter Basketballoons or gift baskets through local florists. In many areas they stop taking orders as they become over booked. Sometimes they even stop answering their phones not only to customers but to their networks such as FTD.

• So then you say to yourself, well I will just order a shipped Easter Basket and select Saturday Delivery. Now that is possible as long as you place your order early in the day. Here is the rub, you will have to pay both overnight shipping charges and an additional charge for Saturday Delivery. The reason is simple, UPS and Federal Express add a premium charge to make Saturday Deliveries. Plus overnight deliveries are simply more costly for them to execute. Next Day shipping is always more expensive than most people realize. I have also found that Saturday deliveries can be problematic. While the shipping companies offer Saturday delivery, most people do not understand that Saturday delivery is not available in remote areas and even in some medium size cities. Don’t be fooled by free shipping offers. There is no such thing. The shipping price has been rolled into the price of the item you are purchasing. When looking at gift baskets you have to realize that there is simply no way a company can absorb a $30 shipping charge in a $75 order unless they reduce the quality or quantity of the gift.

• When you wait to the last day to place a last minute gift order, you may not be able to get the gift you want. The company maybe sold out or in the case of hand deliveries, selection is usually limited to just a few gifts.

• Rush gift orders increase the chance of errors all the way around. First, you might make a mistake in the address or some other aspect of the order if you are in a panic. Then the fulfillment center of the company handling your order is working at top speed often with seasonal help to get the items off the shelve, boxed and labeled. Most do an excellent job but there can be mistakes when they are rushed. Then the shipping companies are often overwhelmed increasing the chance of missing a package or making a delivery to the wrong address. Finally, if the weather fails to cooperate or a plane is delayed due to mechanical trouble, your package will be delayed until Monday.

So why not avoid the hassle and higher costs and place your order now. At Arttowngifts.comthey routinely take early orders and time the gifts to arrive just in time for the holiday as in this case, the Friday before Easter.  Easter baskets that are ordered early are a much better idea for your kids – you’ll get the right gift, in the right condition, for a much more reasonable price. Have your gifts set up to arrive by the Friday before Easter to avoid a lot of stress.

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