Toy Box Shopping

Toy Chests – Perfect Gift for Parents of Toddlers
Buying your child a handcrafted wooden toy box you personally selected and designed will become one of those cherished memories you will revisit for years. And even better your child will have a valued family heirloom toy chest to pass down to their own children.

Choose from A Variety of Toy Box Styles
I recently researched toyboxes and found several wonderful alternatives where you

Toy Box with Alphabet Lettering

Oak Toy Box with Alphabet Lettering

can design your own toy chest.  First you need to decide if you like the personalized toy box or would you prefer a toy box with a more universal décor such as this oak toy box with alphabet lettering for design? Since I wanted a toy box that would become a useful piece of furniture for the family for years to come I opted to go with this simple but high quality dark cherry toy box without a design. My thinking was that this piece could be used throughout the child’s life and then passed on to another child in the family. This style of toy box can also serve as sweetheart chest or blanket chest for later years.

Personalize Your Kid’s Toy Chest
If you prefer a customized toy chest there are lots of design options such as this personalized oak toy box with Edwardian lettering or you might like something darker and more formal such as the espresso toybox with Thematic letters. The better brands feature laser engraving or raised wooden lettering.

Check Your Toy Storage for Safety
Regardless of the design or wood you select keep in mind that the toychests of today should be designed with safety in mind. You need to verify that there are lid supports to protect your child from a falling lid. The last thing you want is pinched fingers or worse.  Check to make certain that once opened regardless of the lid position, the lid does NOT drop.

Handcrafted Wood Toy Chests Are Best Choice

Handcrafted wood toy chests are best choice

All Wood Children’s Toy Boxes Are Best
Keep in mind that if you want your toy storage to last, real wood is a much better buy than particle board. All of the toyboxes mentioned here are entirely made of 100% beautiful wood in some cases trimmed with metal hardware. Solid oak is used for the corner posts. Oak veneered panels are trimmed with solid oak edge banding. Under the oak veneer is furniture grade veneer core. There is no particle board in these designs. If you want the toybox to last and become a family treasure 100% wood is always the best choice an you can choose from a variety of wood stains to match other furniture in the room.

Order Your Toy Chest Well In Advance
Most of the higher quality toy storage chests are handcrafted and made to order. It is best if you allow a month before you need your toy box or even a sweetheart chest. That way your craftsman will not be rushed and you can enjoy free ground shipping which is offered by most of the suppliers. Also be prepared for some minor assembly. Your box should arrive ready to assemble and only require a screwdriver and at the max 15 minutes of your time. Make sure the company provides instructions with photos. Finally ask about the guarantee. The industry standard is 60 days. Regardless of the design you choose for your toy best you are sure to enjoy creating a long lasting gift that will be treasured for years.



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