Valentine Gifts

It is that time of the year that strikes fear in the heart of men every where. As this blog post, Order Early for Valentine’s Day, suggests it is time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day Gifts. Years ago when I first started creating Gift Baskets we created one or two generic Valentine Gift Baskets for everyone.

Shopping for Valentine’s Day Gifts sure has changed. Not only can you find Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets for Guys and Valentine’s Gift Baskets for Women, there are Valentine Baskets for Kids and even Valentine Gift Baskets for Pets. What will they think of next?

Unlike the elegant Chocolate Valentine Gift Baskets I made, some of the Gift Basket companies are offering a more naughty version of the Romantic Valentine Gift Baskets which include edible massage oils and other unmentionables.

Here is my favorite: Love & Romance Gift Basket. This Valentine Basket has just a hint of the naughty side. It has body paint and is also chocked full of delightful chocolates and other fun treats. It also comes in a large deluxe size: Romantic Valentine Basket for even more fun. If you want something a little more suggestive, try the Romantic Massage Valentine Gift Basket. This couples Valentine Gift includes includes Massage Oil, a Romantic Massage Guide, Chocolate Body Paint, Candles, a Wooden Massager and lots of Chocolate Treats for a night of romantic play.

Of course Teddy Bears and Chocolates are still a popular choice. Here are just a few of my favorites I found online today … Cuddles and Hugs Bear & Candy and Valentines Truffles and Furry Teddy Bear. I also discovered another really unique Valentine Gift idea with a plush dog. It is a gift basket called, Bad to the Bone with Ghirardelli Chocolates and it includes the most adorable  stuffed animal. The dog is dressed like a Biker and he even sings!  The stuffed animal holds a heart shaped Valentine tin filled with assorted expensive chocolates. The Biker Dog and Chocolates is actually a cute Valentine’s Day Gift for both women and men and even children. You can’t go wrong with the Bad to the Bone Valentine Gift! If you like monkeys, there is a Valentine’s Day Gift Basket with a Monkey called Monkey Love Valentines Day Gift Pail which is also an ideal Valentine’s Gift for children.

If you want something that shows a little more thought than a Valentine Gift Basket you might want to consider a Personalized Valentine Gift. Here is a blog article with some great Personalized Valentine Gift Ideas.

Then my favorite stand by Gift for Valentine’s Day, Birthdays and Anniversaries other occasions is preserved Gold Roses. These gold dipped roses are now available in Gold, Colors Trimmed in Gold such as Red and even Silver. You can’t beat these Gold Roses because they last forever. They are much better than fresh flowers in my opinion as this article, Gold Roses, Much Better Than Fresh Flowers, explains.

Regardless of the Valentine’s Day Gifts you choose just remember that your selection will make your recipients feel special because you took the time to remember them. This year why not send something to your mom, friends and colleagues. It is an inexpensive way to say you care. The more special they feel the better you will enjoy the day!



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